Role Accountability Tool Set  (RATS)
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Focus all activities and resources on achieving the Organisation’s Strategic Intent 
Mveledzandivho Consulting CC
Mveledzandivho Consulting is a multi-disciplined, black owned and managed, level 3 BBBEE Consulting Company that specialises in  bringing about clarity of purpose and focused alignment of resources within large organisations - both in Government as well as Commerce. We define Productivity as the alignment of all resources to achieving the Strategic Intent and this is best achieved when each individual understands what is produced by what they do that contributes to these goals and systems are aligned to support this. We acheive this paradigm shift using a powerful combination of consulting methodologies called RATS (Role Accountability Tool Set) and web-enabled technology, Routemail and KnowledgeBankERP.   - Define and implement Strategy - Business Improvement Plans - Change and Behaviour management through humour   - Routemail Process and Document Management   - Service Standards and catalogue   - Systems Productivity Audits - ERP Business Blueprints   - Service Delivery Improvement Plan (SDIP)   - Performance & productivity Management   - Programme alignment   - Monitor & Evaluate Performance   - Track functional maturity   - Coordinate and align activities   - Measure true performance   - Implement CobIT or ValIT   - Legislative compliance Behavioral Training (CPA, TCF, etc)   - Website development
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